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Now more than ever, the corporate innovation industry grows and evolves as quickly as the technology that drives it. Large organizations are regularly inundated with new programs, ways of thinking, and product offerings around how to embrace and apply innovation.

Corporate Innovation Program.

Whether it is creating bespoke open innovation programs, gaining external innovation knowledge seeking, or building innovation centers of excellence, corporations today have an overwhelming variety of strategic and tactical innovation choices to transform their company.

Rather than rely solely on external programs, internal employees — dubbed “intrapreneurs” — are given a platform and resources to innovate.

Fraser valley manufacturing Technology & innovation cluster

With so many options and disparate innovation needs, it’s often difficult to select a “one size fits all” program. In fact, much of an organization’s time and energy often goes into the process of defining and understanding their innovation vision and strategy long before executing on any one plan.

From there, corporate innovators can set up the right foundational framework and methodology to kickstart their efforts.  More than ever before, corporations now must embrace and integrate a thoughtful, strategic, and comprehensive innovation vision and plan that operates in the core of their DNA in order to thrive in today’s rapidly changing technology environment.


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