Raymond Szabada

Raymond Szabada

CEO & President

Raymond leads i-Open Group, a Canadian leader in spatially enabled applications. Raymond also guides XLRator, a social enterprise with a goal to build a thriving tech ecosystem in Fraser Valley.

Raymond Szabada is the Executive Chairman and Founder of the i-Open Group of Companies, a leader and provider of geospatial applications and SaaS solutions. The i-Open Group has been delivering enterprise-scale solutions to some of the world's largest corporations in North America. More recently, the Group has been instrumental in introducing two innovative product lines – Agrilyze for precision agriculture and the bidworX solution for solving complex challenges within the construction project and large capital project estimating domain.

Ray is also demonstrating his leadership and influence as the driving force behind XLRator, a social enterprise that Ray founded 2010, which is now operating and rebranded as XLCapital. By reaching out to the industry, local schools and colleges and creating a greater focus on the importance of technology, XLRator/XL Capital is extending valuable training, mentorship and financing to those wanting to speed up their role in digital transformation and a knowledge-based economy

Still, his primary focus is on technologies https://www.i-opentech.com/2020/08/04/i-open-corporate-theme-citizen-ai-set-to-transform-global-tech-ecosystem/ that directly affect the planet. He explains, "It is crucial to create solutions that will improve our planet. From our continued exposure delivering solutions to the resources sector, we realize technology's role with regards to damage prevention, protection of the environment, safety regulations, and reporting. In essence, our company is a citizen that lives, works, and shares the planet. Ultimately, we can define our identity in the form of a 'Good Citizen'. As a 'Good Company', we will leverage machine learning, change detection and the latest technologies for deploying artificial intelligence. This interaction and management of solutions will be our corporate theme – CitizenAi."

Ray is fearlessly taking technology to new places by bringing his vision to life and never compromising on principles and values. He drives his passion for changing the world on what he knows best – delivering technology products. The journey toward understanding the role of innovation is laying down the proper foundations so that together, we can work toward a knowledge-based and clean digital economy

Colin Schmidt

Colin Schmidt

CEO Wisebox Solutions Inc.

Colin Schmidt is a seasoned founder, COO, and CEO with a diverse background in technology companies and expertise as a system architect for a range of clients, including non-profits, startups, mid-sized companies, and global enterprises.

Growing up on a horse ranch, he published his first commercial software in 1995, then closed his first larger customer, Horse Council of BC in 1998, who is still a customer today. During the 2000s and in parallel to continuing business, Colin built and sold a successful IT MSP division focused on IT infrastructure and security.

While serving as COO of i-Open Group, he oversaw planning and operations for 30+ staff, launched eight new lines of business in three years, and managed the architecture and development of all systems using a wide range of technologies with in-house and outsource HR.

Colin is also an accomplished equestrian vaulter who has competed, coached, and judges at the international level and has led or served various boards and committees across equestrian sport.


Miika Makela

Corporate Advisor, Sounding Board

Miika Makela is an experienced financial analyst with deep knowledge of financial markets, capital services, funding structures. and building business strategies for companies.

Throughout his career, Miika has built a reputation for due diligence, analytics, risk management strategies, incubating new business models and building out channel programs. Prior to entering the private capital markets, he worked as a Portfolio Analyst focusing on manager selection and monitoring as well as Quantitative Analyst.
Ashley Mackinnon

Ashley Mackinnon

Controller/Finance Manager

Ashley Mackinnon was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. Her journey from a local business program graduate to her current position as Controller/Finance Manager is a testament to her commitment and passion for her work.

Her story begins in the heart of the Fraser Valley, where she spent her formative years. Her humble upbringing instilled in her the values of hard work and perseverance that would become the cornerstones of her career.

After graduating from a local business program in 2013, Ashley embarked on her professional journey by joining Raymond Szabada's group of companies. While her initial role was that of an Administrative Assistant, it was clear that she possessed exceptional talent and potential, as is reflective in her advancement to her current role as the Controller/Finance Manager.

Throughout her tenure with Raymond Szabada's group of companies, Ashley has served as the Executive Assistant to Mr. Szabada himself. This dual role requires that she manage her responsibilities in both capacities, showcasing her multitasking ability and adaptability.

While Ashley's official title may have evolved over the years, her impact on the group's ventures have remained consistent. She has been supportive in numerous successful projects, working diligently behind the scenes alongside management to ensure the success of the group.