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Capital Raise Management

XLRator’s mission is to bridge this gap between start-up and commercialization; not only providing the funds but also working closely with start-ups to bring innovative ideas to market.

Our team of investors have proven track records of success and are committed to sharing that success with the next generation of future business leaders.


What we do?

Leveraging our team’s network is one of our greatest competitive advantages. Manage the capital raising process and to match brilliant entrepreneurs with smart investors is one of our keys to taking business ideas to the next level and creating lasting business relationships.

Services we provide:

  1. Structure the capital raise (raise sequencing at higher prices for multiple rounds)
  2. Create security certificates
  3. Set up trust relationships for TFSA/RRSP
  4. Set up EBC credits if applicable
  5. Assist in company valuation
  6. Presentation
  7. Offering Documents: a) Term Sheet, b) Offering Memorandum